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Welcome to Jackford 

Jack Russell Terriers.

We are proud registered Breeders of

Rough Coat Jack Russell Terriers.

I started breeding German Shepherds when I was in my 20's then Cattle Dogs and now the smaller dog seems to be a much better option.

We were lucky enough to come accross a Beautiful Jack Russell female pup in 2015 (BINDI) and did agility with her, which she absolutely loved and so did I. She did so well and I so loved her personality so much that i wanted another one and to breed her beautiful bloodline.

There doesnt seem to be enough rough coats and their characters are amazing.

We then found a male from another very helpful registered breeder and he helped me make OPAL in 2020 a gorgeous young lady.

We were then

lucky enough to find a stunning male rough coat from a special registered breeder in Kellyville and they now had a husband.

Then the girls produced another litter and I fell in love with a girl from each litter.

PEARL born 2021 AND PHEONIX born 2022.

Now they needed a husband, so I started looking for another male rough coat.

Early 2022 I finally found THOR so now our family is complete.

Lots of Agility, Farm Life and Fun.

Best dogs in the world.





Call for more information or to hold a puppy anytime on 0405296536


If you have some free time i would love to know why you love JRT'S and what is your most favourite trait in the visitor section. Let me know why you love them and I will use the information to excite other people into this incredible breed.

Have a great day.


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Lower Portland, NSW, Australia
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